Letter to younger brother to read newspaper regularly

Suppose, you are Zaker. Your younger brother Raju is a brilliant student but he is not interested in reading newspaper. Now,

Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to read newspaper regularly


Suggested answer:

Hariharpara, Enayetnagar,
13 June, 2014

My dear Raju,

I am very glad to learn that you have stood second in your class in the last annual examination. But it is really a matter of sorrow that you do not like to read newspaper.


Listen Raju, surely you are a brilliant student. But, don’t you know that bookish knowledge is not enough for your ultimate success in life? If you want to keep pace with the current world you must have general knowledge. And newspaper is the storehouse of such knowledge. Truly speaking, it is the mirror of the world. If you look through the newspaper, you can see the overall picture of the world. Moreover, to do well in interview for a job you must read newspaper. In a word, you cannot imagine a conscious life and better career without newspaper.
So, I advise you to start reading daily newspaper immediately side by side your academic study.
With hope of your brighter future.

Yours elderly

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