Letter to younger brother to give up smoking

Write a letter to your younger brother/ cousin advising him to give up smoking


Suggested answer:

8/A, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
20, May, 2014

My dear Sajal,

I am very glad to hear that you have won two first prizes in the Annual sport competition in your school. We are really proud of you. We are also proud that you are a brilliant student.

But Sajal, I am writing to you today for a different reason. I am very ashamed to learn that you mix with bad boys and nowadays, you have become a smoker. Listen Sajal; don’t you know that smoking is similar to taking poison? May be, you are smoking out of curiosity but it may lead you to death day by day. Smoking causes many fatal diseases like heart attack, cancer, bronchitis etc. It attacks the lung and damages it. It also disturbs our nervous function and lessens our longevity. Smoking takes not only your health but also your money and time. It will spoil your character and this is why you will lose love and affection of your teachers, parents and relatives.

So, I advise you to give up smoking from this very day like a sensibly boy. Do come home soon. With hope of your brighter future.

Elderly yours
Rezaul Karim

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