Letter to younger brother to be sincere to study

Write a letter to your younger brother/cousin advising him to be sincere and attentive to his study/ not to mingle with bad boys


Suggested answer:

Dargah Cottage
City Gate
12 January, 2013

Dear Rohel,

I have learnt from your letter that you have stood second in order of merit in your class in the last final examination. This means that you have fallen down from your place in the class.

Listen Rohel, place in the class may have ups and downs. It’s not a problem. But I am worried about you for a different reason. Recently I have learnt that you are mixing with some bad boys. Reasonably you are not as sincere and attentive to your studies as you were. But Rohel; don’t you know that a man is known by the company he keeps? Aren’t you leading your life to darkness every moment by gossiping with those boys who have already gone astray and are not aware of their future at all? Remember, if you continue to do so, one day, it will be impossible for you to come back to light. You will lose love and affection of your near and dear ones as well as lose your brighter future.

So I advise you to give up evil company just from today and regain your attention and sincerity to your studies.

Elderly yours

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