Letter to younger brother to be sincere and attentive to study

Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to be sincere and attentive to study and not to mix with bad boys (shortened)


Suggested answer:

13/B, North-south Road,
05 January, 2016

Dear Sohan,

I have learnt of your result of the final examination from your friend Tutul. Your total score is not so bad but you have failed in Math and Science.

Listen Sohan, This letter is not to take you to task for your result. But I am really sorry that I have learnt you are mixing with bad boys nowadays. Probably this is the reason why you are not as sincere and attentive to your studies as you were. As a result, you have made a poor result. But Sohan; don’t you know that a man is known by the company he keeps? I’ve heard the boys you mix with are smokers and involved in different social evils. I don’t understand how a sensible boy like you can mix with such youngsters going astray. Probably you have been misguided by someone. Whatever may be the fact, you have still time to come out of their clutch.

So, I advise you to give up their company immediately and regain attention and sincerity to your studies. Otherwise, your future will be led to ruin day by day.

Elderly yours

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