Letter to younger brother advising to take part in games and sports

Suppose your younger brother is a school student. He is a brilliant student and stands first or second in his class in order of merit. But he does not take part in games and sports and, reasonably, he is in ill-health. Now,

Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to take part in games and sports


Suggested answer:

Kather Pul
23 January, 2015

My dear Ovi,

I’m pleased to know that you’ve stood second in your class in order of merit. Congratulation, on your brilliant success. I hope you’ll continue your success by making better result in the future examinations.
But Ovi, today I’m writing to you for a different reason. Undoubtedly, you are a good student and we’re proud of you. But you don’t possess a sound health. This is mainly because you don’t like to take part in games and sports. Listen Ovi, sound mind lives in a sound body. If you don’t take part in games and sports, in other words, take physical exercise, your limbs and muscles won’t grow properly. As a result you won’t be able to keep in good health what will influence your mind. You’ll look dejected that will hamper your study. This kind of exercise will certainly increase your blood circulation and digest power and power to avoid diseases. Therefore, by taking part in different games like football, cricket, hockey etc. regularly, you’re sure to improve your health and look cheerful, lively and smart. You’d be able to continue your study with full of attention. The other important benefit of games is that you’ll grow sociality, ability to leadership and mutual cooperation in you.
So, I advise you to take part in games and sports regularly side by side your academic study.
With love and affection.

Yours ever

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