Letter to younger brother advising to read newspaper

Write a letter to your younger brother/cousin advising him to read newspaper regularly (shortened)


Suggested answer:

430/A, West Rampura,
24 April, 2015

My dear Amit,

I have learnt that you got two prizes in the annual sports competition of your school. It is very good to take part in games and sports side by side your study. But I don’t know why you are averse to reading newspaper.

Remember; newspaper is the storehouse of knowledge. By reading newspaper, you can know the current affairs of the world as well as your country what is not possible by reading textbook. You can also get story, cartoon, comics, rhymes, poems, puzzles, sports news and many other sources of entertainment from newspaper. You may make a good result in the examination but without reading newspaper you cannot be a good and conscious citizen of the country.
So, I advise you to read daily and other newspapers regularly to ensure your better and prosperous life.
With hope of your brighter future.

Yours elderly

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