Letter to younger brother advising to prepare well for exam

Suppose you are Reazul living at Raozan, Chittagong. Your younger brother Plabon who is a secondary school student studies at Dhaka living in a hostel. It is the month of October and his final examination is near at hand. You think this is high time you advised him to take preparation well for the exam. Now,

Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to prepare well for the final examination


Suggested answer:

Vill: Dewanpur, P.O: Pahartoli
Upazila: Raozan, Dist: Chittagong
30 October, 2015

Dear Plabon,

Probably you are busy with your. Your final exam is ahead. So here are a few words for you regarding this.

You have only one month left to get prepared. So, make the best use of this limited period of time. Give stress on Science as you secured a very poor marks in this subject in the last mid-term exam. Always practice writing what you have studied. This will help you answer questions in the exam hall accurately. Revise difficult lessons of every subject again and again. Write the mathematical formulas in your exercise book repeatedly. Lay special emphasis on English. With this letter, I am sending you a short suggestion on this subject. Hope this will work best for a good preparation.

Don’t worry about studies but work reasonably. Always take care of your health. Always allot some time in your routine for playing in the afternoon.

Lovingly yours
Reazul Islam

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