Letter to younger brother advising to give up smoking

Write a letter to your younger brother/ cousin advising him to give up smoking (shortened)


Suggested answer:

762, Satish Sarker Road,
Gandaria, Dhaka-1204
12, February, 2015

Dear Pranto,

I am very sorry to learn that nowadays you are neglecting your studies. You are also mixing with bad boys and have become a smoker. The news about a meritorious student is really shocking.

Pranto,I don’t know why you have indulged such a dangerous habit. Smoking is similar to taking poison. It causes serious health hazard like heart attack, cancer, bronchitis, lung disease etc. It also disturbs your nervous function. If you continue smoking, you’ll led to ruin day by day and days will come when there will have no way to come back to healthy and happy life.
So, Pranto; don’t smoke anymore. Avoid bad company and give up smoking from just now on. Only your determination can turn you back to the brighter way of life.

May God bless you with a sound life.

Your elder brother
Faizul Karim

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