Letter to younger brother advising him not to adopt unfair means in the exam

Imagine you are Ashraf. You live with your family at Rajpara, Rajshahi. Your younger brother Ridoy, who is a secondary school student studies living with your uncle at Shaymoli, Dhaka. Now,

Write a letter to your younger brother advising him not to adopt unfair means/not to copy in the examination


Suggested answer:

House: 112
Golapara, GPO
Rajpara, Rajshahi
22 November, 2014

My dear Ridoy,

Hope you are busy with your study for the upcoming final examination. But I’m writing to you about an important thing. A report in the newspaper says that tendency to copying in the examination is on the increase nowadays. Reasonably I’m anxious about you.

Ridoy, we’ve faith in you that you can’t do this bad practice. Yet, I advise that you won’t fall in trap with your friends who adopt unfair means in the examination. Remember; if you have tendency to copy in the exam, you’re clearly deceiving yourself. You’ll secure good marks but remain ignorant of the relevant topics. Consequently, you’re sure to fail in the competition of life. You’ll get ashamed and disgraced step to step in your work place, in the society and in your family. People will anyway realize your worthlessness and you’ll be laughing stock to them. Again, if you get caught up in the exam hall, you’ll have to bear up this flaw in your character lifelong. So, think over; may this be a proper and ethical way to achieving success?

So, I again advise you not to indulge such an evil practice. Always follow this old proverb in your thought and action, ‘Honesty is the best policy’.

However, hope you keep hale and hearty. Come home just after examination finishes.

Lovingly yours

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