Letter to younger brother advising against drug addiction

Suppose you are Rajib living at Sirajnagar, Narsingdi. Your younger brother, Sabuj, a college student, is studying at a private college in Dhaka. Recently you’ve read a news about the increasing rate of drug addiction in Dhaka city. Reasonably, you are anxious about your brother’s future. Now,

Write a letter to your younger brother/friend advising him against the terrible effects of drug addiction. (Shortened)


Suggested answer:

Sirajgonj, Raipura,
12 August, 2015

Dear Sabuj,

Hope you’ve reached hostel safe and sound. We’ve sent you hostel for the purpose of education but we’re always anxious about your future.

You’ve not yet adapted in the new place. Take care about making friendship in and out of school. I especially warn you against the boys who are addicted to drug, smoking or any other evil habits. Never indulge such a bad company. Addiction to drug is a dangerous habit which may lead one to death. If you once take drug even out of interest, there is little hope to come out of this terrible trap. An addict feels pain in body and loses appetite. Gradually he loses physical weight and mental balance. To arrange money for drug he get engaged with social crime. Such illness can hardly be cured.

So Sabuj, Be careful of choosing friend. Always avoid bad boys. If it is possible, try to try to warn your friends against the dangerous effects of drug addiction.

With love and affection.

Lovingly yours

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