Letter to younger brother about improving skill in English

Write a letter to your younger brother about how to improve his skill in English


Suggested answer:

29, Johnson Road,
PS: Sutrapur,
30 July, 2015

Dear Aaqib,

From your letter I came to know that you made a good result in your Half Yearly Examination. But Aaqib, I have notice that you are lagging behind in English day by day. So, today I’m giving you a short guideline on how to improve your skill in English.

Listen, English is a widely spoken language around the world. You cannot hope to keep pace with the modern world without knowing English better. So first, determine that you must capture this language for your life’s sake. Then, to make your vocabulary strong, learn some English words everyday. You have to read English newspaper, magazine, story and play daily and note important words and terms. In this case you can take help of a dictionary. Also, you have to learn essential rules and sentence patterns in English Grammar and try to write paragraph etc. by yourself to increase your writing skill. Moreover, there is no alternative to listening to TV news in English to develop your listening and speaking skill.

In this way, you’re sure to improve your skill in English. This may take hard labor but don’t leave your efforts. You must come out successful one day.

With hope of your success.

Yours elderly
Shakil Reza

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