Letter to younger brother about importance of value of time

Suppose you are Subir living at Dhaka. Your younger brother Badal who lives at Kumarkhali, Kustia, is not aware of the value of time at all. Now,

Write a letter to your younger brother about the importance of value of time


Suggested answer:

79, Satish Sarker Road
Gandaria, Dhaka
30 December, 2015

Dear Badal,

Today I’m going to write to you about an important thing and that is the value of time. I expect my advice and instructions will help you finish your work in time which is very essential to shine in life.

History shows that all the persons who became great in the world made the best use of their time. Suppose you have other qualities but you don’t utilize your time properly, then, you are sure to fail in the competition of life. The proverb says that time and tide wait for none. Time once lost is lost forever. So if you put off your work in the hope that you will accomplish it later, this may not ever be completed. So, never put off your work for tomorrow.

I also advice that always do the certain work in the first hour not at the eleventh hour. At this, your confidence will grow and you will be able to set yourself in the next work with new hope and aspiration.

So, never waste your time. Youth is the seed time of life. If you sow good seeds in this season, you can reap good harvest. Remember; time flies so fast. None can call it back; none can stop it. It is high time you kept hold of it through work.

Elderly yours

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