Letter to younger brother about importance of physical exercise

Write a letter to your younger brother about the importance/necessity of physical exercise (shortened)


Suggested answer:

12/A, East Rampura,
25 December, 2016

Dear Nirob,

Probably you are now free after your exams end. Today I’m writing you of something out-of-text which is not less necessary for you than text lessons. That is importance of physical exercise.

Nirob, I notice that you have aversion to physical exercise. This is why you are not in good health and always look dejected and sickly. Remember sound mind lives in a sound body. If you cannot keep in good health, your mind won’t also go as usual and all the activities of the world will seem to be meaningless and dull to you. To ensure sound health, there is no alternative to physical exercise. Physical exercise helps your body grow properly and increases digest power and blood circulation. It is also helpful to prevent diseases. Eventually you will be able to lead a happy life as well as engage yourself in study with full attention.

So, I advise that you start physical exercise and continue regularly to ensure healthier and happier life.

With love and affection.

Elderly yours
Md. Raihan

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