Letter to younger brother about importance of physical exercise

Write a letter to your younger brother describing the importance of physical exercise


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Room no-315
Millennium Hostel
20, Indira Road,
Farm Gate, Dhaka
05 January, 2014

Dear Shakil,

I’m happy to learn about your brilliant result in the school final examination. Congratulation on your brilliant success and for retaining second place in your class.

Shakil, today I’m writing to you on a different matter. You are a brilliant student but you seem to be indifferent to your health which is why you often look dejected and sickly. Remember sound mind lives in a sound body. If you cannot keep in good health, your mind won’t also go as usual and all the activities of the world will seem to be meaningless and dull to you. Despite having lots of wealth, an unhealthy person cannot enjoy his/her life. If you start physical exercise, your limbs and muscles will start to grow properly. Besides, physical exercise will increase your digest power and help proper circulation of blood. Your nerves will also function properly. As a result, you will be able to avoid diseases. This will also make you more active and more attentive to your study. You will shortly start to look cheerful, lively and smart.

So, I advise you to start physical exercise immediately and continue routinely side by side your academic study.

With love and affection.

Elderly yours
Mahmood Alam

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