Letter to younger brother about importance of learning English

Write a letter to your younger brother describing the importance/necessity of learning English (shortened)


Suggested answer:

12, Green Road,
18 December, 2015

Dear Rahat,

Probably your final examination has ended. Today I’m going to write you a few words about importance of learning English. This is because; I notice that you are always neglectful of English.

Rahat, you always get lower score in English in the exam. But remember, you need to secure higher marks in this than any other subjects. Firstly, English is the most widely used international language. Without good knowledge of English, you cannot hope to keep abreast with the modern world. To do well in your future admission test, to receive higher study, to get a good job and, above all, to lead a modern, conscious and smart life, there is no alternative to English. Again, if you dream of going abroad for the purpose of job, business or living, you must have strong communicating skill in English.

So, I hope you have got the message and from now on, you will concentrate on this subject for the very sake of your shinning future.

With hope of your success.

Lovingly yours

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