Letter to younger brother about bad effects of drug addiction

Suppose you are Nadeem living at Rampal, Munshigonj. Your younger brother, Parvez, a high school student, is studying at Dhaka. Once you noticed a news about the increasing rate of the teenagers addicted to drug. Reasonably, you are anxious about your brother’s future. Now,

Write a letter to your younger brother about the bad effects of drug addiction


Suggested answer:

Dholagaon Bazar
05 January, 2014

My dear Parvez,

I hope your classes in the new year have already started and you have got your board books. For your remaining books, I’m shortly sending you money. So, start your study to face the new challenge with new hope and inspiration.

And, Listen carefully. In the beginning of the new year, I’m advising you, especially, not to keep bad company. Remember, You’ll may have many friends around you who are addicted to smoking or drug or any other terrible habits. Addiction to drug may lead your life to death. Not only that; such a dangerous habit may destroy your family. We’re confident you’re not such a boy. Yet, being trapped by friends; never touch any drug even out of interest. Because if you once get affected by drug, it will led you to a dreamy world from where it is all but impossible to come out. You’ll feel pain in body and lose appetite. Gradually you’ll lose physical weight and mental balance. Such illness can hardly be cured. So Parvez, Be careful from now on. Be attentive to your study. Take care; it is the seed time of life. Once this golden time lost will never come again.

Don’t forget to take care of your health. Always abide by your teachers.

Your loving brother

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