Letter to younger brother about bad effect of evil company

Suppose you are Kamrul Hasan living at Nalitabari, Sherpur. Your younger brother Jony studies in Dhaka living in a hostel at Shahjahapur. You are anxious that he can get entrapped by the evil company in the new environment which may spoil his future. Now,

Write a letter to your younger brother about the bad effect of evil company


Suggested answer:

Vill: Dohalia, P.O: Rajnagar
Upazila: Nalitabari
Dist: Sherpur
02 January, 2016

Dear Jony,

We have been informed of your good result in your final examination. We are happy that you have gained third position in order of merit in your class. We are really proud of you.

But Jony, as you are in a new environment, I always feel anxious of you, especially about your friends. Listen carefully; never keep in evil company. You know a man is known by the company he keeps. It is your friends that may shine or spoil your life. There may have many richly-dressed seemingly gentle boys around you who are smokers, drug-addicted, eve-teasers or evil-doers. Some may also be facebook-addicted. Never indulge such an evil boys. Always keep them away.

Remember you are there only for study, only for building your future and for nothing more. If you once fall in trap of them, your life will be plunge into darkness and your future will be spoiled. So be careful. Don’t respond to their evil offer even out of curiosity. Your parents and all the relatives are looking forward to your glorious success.

Always take care of your health. We all are well here. Don’t worry about us.

Elderly yours
Kamrul Hasan

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