Letter to the editor on recent price spiral of commodities

Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper highlighting the recent price spiral of essential commodities.


Suggested answer:

15 September, 2022
The Editor
The Daily Star


The prices of daily necessaries are going up day by day. It is noticed that the situation is going beyond control of the government. For this, the poor people are suffering terribly.
I, therefore, request you to publish the following article in your esteemed daily in order to draw the attention of the authority concern.

Yours faithfully
Abdul Khaleque Chowdhury

Price hike/spiral of essential commodities.

The prices of daily necessaries are increasing by leaps and bounds. This price-spiral is creating a great impact on the life of common people. the prices of Most of the essential things have risen to about 50%. As a result common people can hardly manage their two square meals a day. They find it extremely difficult to maintain their family. The worst sufferers are the lower class people- day laborers, rickshaw-pullers, different workers etc. who have frequently to pass their time in fasting. It is the business syndicates who are responsible for this great public-miseries. It is a wonder that no crisis of things in the market is evident but price is not lowered. Though the government is launching expedition every now and then to catch hold of these criminals, it cannot leave any impact on the market situation. In this condition, taking prompt action by the government to minimize prices of daily commodities is the demand of time.

Abdul Khaleque
Narayanganj, Dhaka

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