Letter to pen-friend telling about native village

Suppose you are Rohan. You’ve a pen-friend named Tahsin who lives at Guwahati, Assam in India. Tahsin, in a letter, desired to know about your village. Now,

Write a letter to your pen-friend telling him/her about your native village


Suggested answer:

71, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,
28 December, 2014

My dear Tahsin,

I’ve received your letter about a month ago. Thank you for sending a photo of your family with it. I’ve learnt that you’re interested to know about my village. Here is a short description of it.

Our village is situated far away from the din and bustle of town. It is about one and a half miles long spreading north to south. To the east, a small river flows. On the other side of the river, there are corn fields spreading to horizon miles after miles. Our village can be called a picture-like village. Rising from bed, we see the golden sun rising to the east horizon. It is a calm and quiet village covered with the shade of densely-set trees, creepers and fruit and flower gardens. Sweet smell of flowers in the blowing gentle breeze with sweet tunes hovering in the air will charm anybody. Simply, houses in the village are tin-shed. Robin, martin, sparrow, crow, parrot, crane, wood-picker and other birds chirp all the day. Most of the people are farmers. You’ll see the farmers with the herds of cattle walking to the field in a long line in the morning and coming back home in the evening. You can also see herders with their cattle crossing the river swimming. During harvest, whole of the village takes a festive look. During rainy season, all the fields are flooded. Fishing here and there is a common scene in this season.

In brief, this is our village. You cannot have a total picture unless you’ve a glimpse of it.

I also expect you write to me on interesting places of your country.

With good wishes.

Your loving friend

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