Letter to pen-friend describing your village

Suppose you are Sudip. You’ve a pen-friend named Rajon who lives at West Bengal in India. Rajon, in a letter, desired to know about your village. Now,

Write a letter to your pen-friend describing your village. (Shortened)


Suggested answer:

Green Road,
02 January, 2016

My dear Rajon,

I’m happy you are interested to know about my village. So, as you requested I’m giving you a short description of the village I live in.

Ours is a big village named Miazanpur. It is also an old village. It is spreading about one and a half miles from north to south. A river named Arialkha passes to the east. Most of the villagers are farmers. They earn their livelihood working in the field on both sides of the river. There is a bazaar at the south end. A spacious road passes from the bazaar to the railway station about a mile away. So we can communicate with the capital city both by road and railway. Two primary schools, a high school, a post and a community clinic are also located in around our village. Villagers are in the habit of living simple rural life but some persons of high rank live in one or multi-storied buildings in urban style.

I think our village is an ideal one.
However, this is our village in brief. In this connection, I’d be pleased if you inform me about the village you live in.

With heartiest love.

Lovingly yours

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