Letter to pen-friend describing your school

Write a letter to your pen-friend describing your school


Suggested answer:

20/A, North-west Jatrabari,
10 January, 2015

My dear Jason,

I am pleased that you replied to my letter in time. Also, I’m happy that you’re curious to know about the school I study in. So, today I am gladly describing the same.


Letter to pen-friend describing school

Our school is situated at a busy corner of the capital city. Two multi-storied buildings house our classrooms and other offices. There are two shifts in our school- morning shift for the girls and day shift for the boys. There is space in front of the school building with trees and a big garden where we can sit and take rest. But we have no playground. Our students practice football, cricket, hockey and Volley ball in a local staff quarters field. About 3000 boys and 2500 girls study in our school and 90 teachers teach us. Our school is renowned for extra-curricular activities. During the beginning of the session in January, our school arranges annual sports competition in which we have a great fun. In winter, we also enjoy a study tour every year.

Our teachers are very helpful to us. We are not allowed to go outside school during class hour. We usually take tiffing from the school canteen.


In brief, this is our school. Contextually I also feel like knowing about the school you study in. Please write me soon.
With best wishes.

Lovingly yours

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