Letter to pen-friend describing the school you study in

Write a letter to your pen-friend describing the school you study in (Shortened)


Suggested answer:

Monipura, Raipura,
18 May, 2015

My dear David,

Many thanks to you for sending me a photo and a beautiful description of your school. Now as you requested, I’m writing a few lines bringing out the school I study in.

Letter to pen-friend about your school

I read in a beautiful school in the rural area not very far from the district town of Narsingdi. My school is an L-shaped one-storied building in which there are twenty five rooms in total. Among them, twenty rooms are used as classroom and the rest for official purposes. A pacca road passes past our school. So, communication to and from different places is good but students usually come to school on foot. The whole environment is surrounded by trees of different fruits like mango, jack-fruit and coconut. The school is quite free from noise and pollution.

Ours is the one-shift school. In the classroom, boys and girls sit in different rows of benches. Teachers are very cordial to the students. They help us both in in-school and out-of-school problems. We have a vast playground in front of the school. Besides playing the field is used for local gathering also.

In brief, this is our school. Hope you will also share the beautiful sites of your country by the next mails.

With love

Lovingly yours

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