Letter to pen-friend describing natural beauty of your country

Suppose you are Nayef living at Bashabo, Dhaka. You have a pen-friend named Kaiser who lives in Kolkata, West Bengal. Kaiser is interested to know about the natural beauty of your country. Now,

Write a letter to your pen-friend describing the natural beauty of your country


Suggested answer:

150, Central Bashabo,
26 December, 2014

Dear Kaiser,

I’m thankful to receive your letter last week. Also, I’m surprised that you love my country so much. It is evident that you know a lot about Bangladesh. By the by you wanted to know about the natural beauty of our country.


As a matter of fact, our country is blessed with natural beauty. Criss-crossed by hundreds of rivers, it is a country of hills, mountains, forests and sea. You will see vast green corn fields, sailing boats plying on the rivers, big and small hills with beautiful tea garden, rows of trees and deep forests miles after miles. Scenery of villages covered with shade of dense trees, creepers and garden and simple lifestyle and living of common people on the both banks of rivers will impress anybody. The largest sea beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar, is in our country. World famous mangrove forest Sunderbans is the ground of immense beauty. There are numerous fountain, waterfall, known and unknown birds, trees and animals in the hilly regions Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts and Sylhet that can fascinate any tourists.


Nature has bestowed her beauty upon our country lavishly that cannot be described in word.


Do come once to visit our country. See with your own eyes and believe.

With best wishes.

Lovingly yours

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