Letter to pen-friend describing natural beauty of Bangladesh

Suppose you are Pial living at Wari, Dhaka. You have a pen-friend named Srijon who lives in Kolkata, West Bengal. Srijon wants to know about the natural beauty of your country. Now,

Write a letter to your pen-friend describing the natural beauty of Bangladesh(Shortened)


Suggested answer:

Suggested answer:

25/A, Rankin Street,
10 January, 2016

Dear Srijon,

I’m surprised that you know a lot about our country. Now as you requested I’m going to write about the natural beauty of our country Bangladesh.

Ours is a tropical country of moderate climate on the bank of the Bay of Bengal. It is also a river-based country and the lands are soft and fertile. So it is the land of sublime beauty. Rural lifestyle of people on the bank of the rivers is a common picture of our country. Everywhere is incomparable beauty of green fields, lands of crops, trees, tea garden, hills and forests. The longest sea beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar, is in our country. World famous mangrove forest Sunderbans is the ground of immense beauty. There are numerous fountain, waterfall, known and unknown birds, trees and animals in the hilly regions. In a word you can say this country an alluring site for the tourists.

In this context, I heartily invite you to come to visit our country.

With best compliments.

Lovingly yours

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