Letter to pen-friend about your school

Write a letter to your pen-friend about your school


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Enayetnagar, Fatullah
15 December, 2014

My dear Jacob,

I have already received your letter of the 5th instant with a picture of the school you study in. In the letter, you have requested me to inform you of my school. I am gladly describing the same.

Our school is situated at the suburb close to Narayangonj town by the side of Dhaka-Narayangon highway. It is a three-storied U- shaped building. There are two shifts in our school- morning shift for the girls and day shift for the boys. Actually it stands by the river Buriganga in a charming natural environment. So, we feel free from the din and bustle of the town. There is a large playground in our school where we play football, cricket, hockey and different outdoor games. A big flower garden and various plants and trees in front of the main building have added to the beauty of the school. At the western side of the school ground stands the ‘Shaheed Minar’, a memorial in respect of the martyrs of our Language Movement where we offer flowers in the International Mother Language Day. About three thousand students study in our school and sixty teachers teach us. Our school is renowned in the district for extra-curricular activities. I frequently get prize in debating competition.
No more today. In this context, I also feel like knowing about a Japanese school like yours. Would you please tell me soon.
With best wishes.

Yours ever

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