Letter to pen-friend about food and food habit of the country

Write a letter to your pen-friend about the food and food habit of the people of your country (shortened)


Suggested answer:

198, Central Bashabo,
20 July, 2014

My dear Easton,

I am pleased that you are very interested in our country and people. In your recent letter, you wanted to know about the food and food habit Bangladesh. I’m gladly replying to that.

Bangladesh is a tropical country. It is also a riverine country. So, people are mainly vegetable eater. Rice is our staple food. Fishes are caught abundantly from river, lake, canal etc. So, we are called the nation of rice and fish. Hilsha which is our national fish is favorite to everybody. Beef, mutton, chicken are the favorite meat items. Mango, jackfruit, banana, pineapple, blackberry etc. are the common fruits in our country. People prepare and eat different kinds of native pithas in different seasons. People eat three meals a day- breakfast, lunch and supper. They like to eat by hand not with stick and fork.

Briefly speaking, this is the eating habit of the people of Bangladesh

Lovingly yours

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