Letter to pen friend about food and food habit of Bangladesh

Write a letter to your pen friend about the food and food habit of the Bangladeshi people


Suggested answer:

35, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
Farmgate, Dhaka,
20 July, 2014

My dear Tommy,

Hope you are well. I am very pleased that you have sent me a picture of your family members. Now, as you wished, I am writing to you about the food and food habit of the people of our country Bangladesh.

Rice is our staple food and we are called the nation of fish and rice. The people of our country take three meals a day- breakfast, lunch and supper and they commonly eat rice and vegetables all the three times of the day. Townsmen are in the habit of taking ruti, dal, parata, eggs etc. as breakfast. Different kinds of fruits like mango, jack fruit, bananas etc. are favorite to all classes of people. Beef, mutton and chicken are favourite meats to the Bengalees. Eating seasonal pitha is a part of our tradition. Moreover, polao, biriyani, chicken roast, beef, curd and sweetmeats are common items of a feast. Our national fish Hilsha is found and eaten all the year round.

Briefly speaking, this is the eating habit of the people of Bangladesh.

Now, what about Canada? Let me know yours. Waiting for your reply.

Yours ever

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