Letter to mother telling about hostel life

Write a letter to your mother telling her about your hostel life (shortened)


Suggested answer:

15/B, Majhirghat Road,
East Madarbari,
02 May, 2014

My dear Mother,

I received your affectionate letter two days ago. In the letter, you informed me of your anxiety about my hostel life.

Mother, here I’ve no problem living in the hostel. We’ve to do everything routinely in a disciplined way. In the afternoon, we have scope to play in the field in front of the hostel. We’ve also hour to watch TV in the TV room. I’ve already got many friends by this time. We always help each other in any problem. Our hostel warden is always-careful about us. A doctor is always ready in case of health hazard.

Please; don’t worry, mother. I’m shortly coming home in summer vacation.

With regards to you and father. May God bless you.

Your loving son

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