Letter to mother describing hostel life

Write a letter to your mother describing your hostel life


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Room no.-308,
74/3, Sadek Khan Road,
Jafrabad, Mohammadpur,
17 September, 2015

My dear Mother,

It is about a month since I came from home to the college hostel. From father’s letter I came to know that you are worried about my hostel life. I’m sorry, mother, you’re worrying. Hope this letter will relieve you from anxiety.

This is the first time ever I’ve been living outside my house. In the first, I felt very upset and felt like going back home to you. Now I’m adapted to hostel life. I have many friends and we’re like the members of a family. We’re given varied delicious and nutritious foods routinely. There is a small field surrounded by trees and flower plants in front of the hostel where we’ve enough scope to play. During holidays, we’ve extra time to watch TV and read newspaper. There is also arrangement for our regular health check-up. So, I’m not unhappy here.

But, mother, I feel one thing that there is no alternative to your motherly love and affection in this world.

Don’t worry, mother. But pray for me to God. May God grant you a long life.

Your loving son

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