Letter to mother about hostel life

Write a letter to your mother about your hostel life


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14, Green Corner,
Green road,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka
14 June, 2014

My dear Mother,

It is about a month since I came from home to my school hostel. I know you are very anxious about me sending me to hostel for the first time in my life.

I assure you that I have no problem living here. But hostel life is different from life at home. We have to maintain our daily routine in every step. Rising from sleep, taking breakfast, going to school, taking lunch, saying prayer, playing, reading and going to bed – all go according to fixed timing. At first I felt very bored but now I am in the habit of this routine bound life. Dinning condition is not bad. Everyday, at breakfast, one can take either egg or vaji or halua with parata. We are given meat two days a week at lunch.

I have already got some friends. During holiday we have great fun. But I miss you very much. When I stay alone, recalling your loving face pains me very much and feel like going back home.

But don’t worry for me, mother. Everything will be O.K.

With regards to you and father and good wishes to you all.

Affectionately yours

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