Letter to friend to join picnic

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join the picnic you are going to enjoy (shortened)


Suggested answer:

Chowdhury Villa,
Pagla, Fatulla,
26, December 2015
Dear Shaon,
Our winter vacation is going on. New classes are going to be held after a several days. How, if we enjoy a picnic now?

Yes Shaon, we have planned to arrange a picnic next Friday and I cordially invite you to our picnic. I think you must like the spot we have selected. That is Sonargaon which is a place of great historical importance. It is a one day tour and we have to pay Tk. 300.00 per head. We will take cooking necessaries with us. My uncle Salam is a good cook and he is going to cook for us. It will be a great fun! There will be a music show in the afternoon.

So, hope you will reach our home before the appointed day. We have already hired a 60-seat bus. We are expecting to start at about 9 a.m. Waiting for you.

Lovingly yours

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