Letter to friend to join picnic you’ll arrange

Suppose, you are Shakib living Kabi Jasim Uddin Road, Dhaka. As your examination is over, you have planned to go on a picnic to Paharpur. One of your friends named Shakil lives at B.B Road, Narayangonj. You wish him to join with you to enjoy the picnic together. Now,

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join the picnic (Spot: Paharpur)


Suggested answer:

15, Kabi Jasim Uddin Road
20, December 2015

My dear Shakil,

Our annual examination is over and winter vacation has already started. Routine-bound class works and school works have tired our life. Let us enjoy a picnic together. it is a great opportunity to refresh ourselves to get prepared for the new year.
We, some of the friends, have already decided to go on a picnic at Paharpur Buddha Bihar next Friday. One of our senior bothers who is an expert tourist has consented to guide our group. As far as I know you are very interested to visit Paharpur which is a place of great historical importance. Paharpur Buddha Bihar is one of the greatest Buddha Bihars in the world built during the 8th to 9th century. People from around the globe used to come here for learning and religious research. I think this tour will also help us earning practical knowledge about the ancient history of our country.


So, I cordially invite you to join with us. I am sure you cannot miss it. Waiting eagerly for your arrival.

Your loving friend

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