Letter to friend thanking for sending birthday gift

Write a letter to your friend thanking him /her for sending you a birthday gift


Suggested answer:

52, kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,
21 Mardh, 2013

Dear Samir,

I wonder you have sent a nice gift on the occasion of my birthday though you did not attend the function due to an undeniable reason. Really you are strange.

Truly speaking, I was waiting for you till the last moment of the events. And I got slightly offended with you. But your gift proves that you have a true feeling of friendship in you. Above all, you selected a gift which is, I think, a noblest one. That is the world famous book ‘The Bible, The Quran and Science’ by Maurice Bucaille which I was dreaming of to purchase for a long time. This kind of gift also bears the identity of wisdom and highly noble mind of the presenter. I am heartily thankful to you for your valuable gift.

That’s all for today. With hope of stronger bond between you and me lifelong.

Lovingly yours

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