Letter to friend thanking for cordial hospitality

Write a letter to your friend thanking him for his cordial hospitality (shortened)


Suggested answer:

123/3, Bangsal Road,
25 February, 2015

My dear Alim ,

I reached home last night safe and sound from your house. But I cannot forget the happy memory of spending three days with your family. I am really impressed with the hilly charming environment of Sylhet with hearty hospitality of your family.

I heard a lot about Sylhet but never had such a scope to have a closer look of this beautiful land. This has been possible for your your cordial help and careful entertainment of your family. Everybody of your family took special care of me. The taste of different foods of Sylhet cooked by your mother reminds me of my mother’s cooking. I am thankful to you for your heartiest hospitality.

Please come to visit our house along with aunt. My parents will also be pleased if you come shortly.

Lovingly yours

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