Letter to friend thanking for birthday present

Write a letter to your friend thanking him /her for a birthday present


Suggested answer:

16, Ram Babu Road,
Notun Bazar,
12 September, 2014

Dear Abir,

I came to know from your letter that you could not join my birthday party due to your continuous monthly tests in the college. However, it is surprising that, yet, you did not forget your friend but sent a gift due time as a token of friendship.

I am pleased that you did not send an ordinary gift but a world famous book named ‘The Hundred’ by Michael H Hart. This is a collection of biographies of 100 world’s most influential persons. Studying biography of the noble personalities also ennobles one’s mind. Selection of such kind of gift for me proves how highly you have evaluated my potential. Really this is a great gift. This also bears the identity of wisdom, thoughtfulness and nobility of the presenter. Heartiest thanks to you for your precious gift.

Wish you a happy and prosperous life. Also wish lifelong bond of friendship between you and me.

Your loving friend

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