Letter to friend telling about train journey

Write a letter to your friend describing the experience of a train journey you made recently (shortened)


Suggested answer:

Madhabdi Bazar,
Narsingdi Sadar,
05 March, 2016

Dear Rushad,

I’m sorry I could not reply your letter in time. This is because I went to visit to my sister’s house at Bairab by train with my brother. We had an excellent train journey. Let’s share this.

Letter to friend about train journey

We started our journey from Narsingdi Station. After buying tickets, we got into a local train at 8.30 a.m. The station was overcrowded. Passengers were hurrying to get into and get down. Porters were busy to carry goods. After blowing a whistle, our train started running. I felt greatly delighted when it was running jerking with rhythmic sound. I looked through window. Trees, buildings, houses, bazar all seemed to run backward. It is very amusing to see natural beauties spreading miles after miles sitting in one place. Everything was happening just before the eyes just like pictures on TV screen. Our train stopped at different stations. We bought banana, bread and soft drink from the station’s hawkers. At about 01 p.m. we reached Bhairab station and thus our journey came to an end.

However, it was really an enjoyable journey. I will not forget this journey for a long time.

With love.

Lovingly yours

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