Letter to friend telling about summer vacation

Write a letter to your friend describing the last summer vacation


Suggested answer:

20, Rankin Street
Wari, Dhaka
03 June, 2014

Dear Sujit,

I invited you to spend summer vacation with me at our village home. But unfortunately, you fell ill and could not join. However, as your request, I am describing my hilarious days I spent during the vacation.
Firstly; I, with my family, went to visit my maternal uncle’s house on the other side of the river Meghna. Actually it was a charming boat journey as well as visiting countryside. Now, summer-fruits abound in the village. I, with my friend Mamun climbed up trees almost every day and picked mangoes, lichees, black-berries etc. and enjoyed. It was really unforgettable. We also caught fishes from the ditches near our houses. If you were with me, it would be more enjoyable. Bathing and swimming in the river was a great charm to me. Brick-bound life of the city made me get bored. Coming in touch of nature, my life got renewed. Vast green fields with seasonal vegetables, crops and fruits gave me taste of freedom which will keep me refreshed for a long time.
However, I missed you all the time even in fun and joy.
With hope of spending the next summer vacation together.

Yours ever

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