Letter to friend telling about plan after S.S.C. examination

Write a letter to your friend telling him/her what you intend to do after the S.S.C. examination


Suggested answer:

Vill: Lalpur,
P.O: Fatullah,
P.S: Fatullah,
Dist: Narayangonj.
17 March, 2016

Dear Lubna,

Examination is over. It seems that we’ve unlimited time at hand. However, I don’t like to spend this long time idly. Do you have any definite plan to do? I’ve intended that I’ll do a computer course to make the best use of time.

I’ve learned that the chairman of our Union Parishad has taken a pragmatic step to help the S.S.C candidates finishing their exams utilize their time properly. He has opened a basic computer course for us which is completely free. MS Word, Excel, Power point, Photoshop and internet browsing are included in the course list. So, it is a golden opportunity to earn skill in computer before the result publishes. Besides, you know I’m all along interested in learning computer but I never had any scope to learn it formally.

However, if you let me know your plan, I’ll be pleased. Have a nice time.

Lovingly yours

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