Letter to friend telling about aim in life

Write a letter to your friend describing your aim in life (IT Specialist as a profession)


Suggested answer:

New Town
West Bengal
30 December, 2014

Dear Alamin,

In the last letter you wanted to know about my future plan of life. I am proud that I have got a friend like you who is not mere a friend but always helpful and interested in my family too.

Truly speaking, I never set myself thinking of my future plan of life nor did I imagine myself as doctor or engineer. I am always practical and think that whether a dream will be fulfilled or not depends on various factors. That is why I have always avoided such kind of choosing. On the other hand, aimless movement is not sure to achieve any goal. In this situation, I have decided that I will build up my career in ICT sector and receive higher study in CSE. Probably this is the most prominent field in the world to build up career whose demand will always be on the increase. In case, I fail to manage a suitable job after completing study or eventually dislike jobbing, I am sure my skill in computer technology won’t frustrate me. In that case, there will remain other options such as self employment or working in the internet based freelancing market spread worldwide.

In brief, this is the outline of my future career-oriented life. I am determined but only God knows how things will happen.

That’s all for today. Hoping your brighter future and certainly looking forward to hearing of your aim in life.

Lovingly yours

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