Letter to friend requesting to spend summer vacation

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend the summer vacation with you at your village home


Suggested answer:

41,Kalir Bazar Road,
13 May, 2015

Dear Rafid,

Summer vacation has already started in our school. What about you? Hope your vacation has also started. Don’t you remember we promised to spend summer vacation this year together. So, why so late. It is high time we enjoyed this.

Let’s go to spend this vacation at my village home. Our village is situated about 150 kilometers away from the city by the river Tista in a picture-like charming environment. You were born and brought up in the town and your experience about village is what you watched on TV screen. So, let us lose ourselves in the midst of chirping of birds, widely spread rows of trees and corn fields miles after miles. Hope you will get the taste of freedom coming out of the brick-bounded cage of town.

I know you have also been desiring for a long time to enjoy village life for some days. So, come to our house as soon as possible. There, we will enjoy bathing and catching fish in the river. We’ll also swim and row boat. It is the pick season of different summer fruits like mango, litchi, jack-fruit, pineapple, Black-berry etc. We will eat them plucking from the trees by our own hand. Besides, you’ll have cool touch of pollution-free nature in the village.

No more today. Hope you have, in the meantime, taken up mental preparation. I’m looking forward to your arrival.

Lovingly yours

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