Letter to friend on what to do after S.S.C. exam

Write a letter to your friend about what you want to do after the S.S.C. examination


Suggested answer:

124, Kakrail,
15 March, 2015

Dear Sohel,

Our S.S.C examination is over. What are you doing nowadays? Probably you’re gossiping, sleeping and making fun like me, aren’t you? No, this can’t continue. I’ve decided to make good use of this long vacation before result publishes.

Now listen to what I’ve planned. I’m going to do a course on learning guitar. Recently I saw an ad in the newspaper about a guitar learning course at Malibag which will be run by a famous guitarist named Robi Sonkor. You know how interested I am in guitar. Though I have a guitar, I could never manage time to learn it well. So, I think it is a great scope to fulfill my dream. I’ve already discussed with my parents and they both agreed. So, why so wait!

However, what are you thinking about? Do you have such a plan? Let me know, please.

Wish, you pass these days happily and certainly, with constructive work.

Yours lovingly

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