Letter to friend on how to improve skill in English

Write a letter to your friend describing how to improve skill in English (shortened)


Suggested answer:

A-110/2, Jalasor,
Subanbag, Savar,
12 May, 2014

Dear Fahad,

In your last letter, you asked me to tell you how to improve skill in English. Here is the short procedure you have to follow to improve your English.

First, you have to make your vocabulary strong. So, learn some words and phrases everyday. Note difficult words with meaning wherever you find it- either in newspaper or book or poster or on TV screen. Then, learn essential grammar rules and structures and practice free-hand writing by following these. To develop your listening and speaking skill, you have to listen to TV news and other programs in English. Moreover, you should practice speaking with your closest friends and family members and even with yourself whenever you have scope. Thus, you will be able to improve your skill in English day by day.

So, don’t hesitate. Go on practice. You must succeed one day.

With hope of your greater success.

Your loving friend

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