Letter to friend inviting to spend summer vacation with you

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend a few days with you during summer vacation


Suggested answer:

10, Isha Khan Road,
Khanpur, Narayangonj.
08 May, 2015

Dear Nayan,

Summer vacation of this year is going to be started soon. Our college will be closed from 12 May next for about two weeks. Routine bound classes and study have tired our life. How about going to village to spend some days together, Nayan?

Sanjoy, one of my closest friends has proposed to go to visit their house at Chapai Nawabganj which is known as the mango capital of our country. I agreed with him with pleasure. If you accompany us, he would rather be pleased. I have never been to that location and I think, neither you’ve. Hence, it is going to be a new tour to a new place. So, let’s enjoy a few days in this summer season wandering about garden to garden full of different fruits like mango, jack-fruit, lichis etc. I think it is a great scope to refresh ourselves being in touch of nature and enjoy different pollution-free rural foods and formalin-free fruits.

So, this is the final decision. I have faith in you that you can’t say ‘no’. You do reach our house before the journey. We expect to get into the night couch at 10:30 p.m on 13 May. Till then, have a nice time.

Lovingly yours

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