Letter to friend inviting to spend summer vacation

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend some days with you during the summer vacation


Suggested answer:

221/1, B.B Road,
Chashara (Balur Math),
09 May, 2015

Dear Wasik,

Summer vacation in our college is going to be started from the next week. What is your plan about spending these holidays. How if we pass a few days together during this vacation?

Wasik, I have a fantastic plan to enjoy the vacation. My grandfather’s house is at the hilly region of Narsingdi. This place is widely famous for different fruits, especially, for jack-fruit, mango and banana. This is the summer season and there is abundance of ripe fruits on trees. My grandfather (Mother’s father) has also orchards of different fruits. So, it will be a great fun to pass some days in touch of nature in this season. There we’ll also be able eat different pollution free rural foods and get acquainted with the village, villagers, their lifestyle and culture.

So, don’t hesitate. We are going to start on 12th instant. You do reach our house before the day.

That’s all. I’m looking forward to your arrival.

Your loving friend

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