Letter to friend inviting to join your birthday party

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join your birthday party (shortened)


Suggested answer:

30, South-east Jatrabari
20 April, 2014

My dear Amit,

I am gladly informing you that my birthday is 28 April next. We have decided to observe the day as every year we do. So I’ll arrange a tea party on this occasion. To this party, I invite you very cordially. You will be happy to know that Raju. Sohel, Shimul and Jahid will present band song to the function. You can also sing if you will. Oh, don’t forget to bring your digital camera with you. Moreover, I request you to come to our house earlier to help me in arrangement.

Don’t miss it. It will be a great fun if you join along with your little sister Eva.

With best wishes.

Yours ever

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