Letter to friend inviting to join sister’s marriage ceremony

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join the marriage ceremony of your sister


Suggested answer:

Niloy Villa
Rail Gate no-2
B.B Road
10 October, 2014

Dear Tamalika,

Probably you have already known that the marriage ceremony of my elder sister is upcoming. The date is already fixed and it is on 20th instant. Marital ritual and feast will be held at Narayangonj Club. We have already invited all of our friends and relatives. About 500 guests are expected to join the function.

However, I expect you in this occasion from start to end. I cordially invite you and your family members to the function. Of course, you will come three days before the date. This is because, my family wants you to take part in arrangement with me. Certainly it will be funny, won’t it?

No more today. Waiting for your arrival. With regards to your parents.

Yours ever

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