Letter to friend inviting to join birthday ceremony

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join your birthday ceremony


Suggested answer:

14,Tipu Sultan Road,
Wari, Dhaka-1204.
28 May, 2015

My dear Rajib,

Hope you haven’t forgotten that my birthday is fifth June next. This year we’ve planned to observe the day with a more festive manner. We’ve already invited all of our nearest friends and relatives.

I cordially invite you to this function. On this occasion, we’re going to set up a stage on our roof. After birthday cake session, a cultural function will be held. No Rajib, we’re not inviting any renowned artist. Sujit and Sohan can sing well, Bipul will dance and Biplob will perform magic show. One of my uncles will bring a digital camera. Besides, many others are ready to show their own performance. And you don’t forget to bring your guitar with you. I Hope this will be a festival of great fun and merriment.

Hope you’ll reach our home one day before the function and take part in arrangement with me. I’ll be looking forward to your arrival.

With regards to your parents.

Lovingly yours

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