Letter to friend inviting to join arranged picnic

Suppose, you are Raihan living at Tipu Sultan Road, Dhaka. As your college is closed due to winter vacation for some days, you have planned to go on a picnic to Rangamati. One of your intimate friends named Redwan lives at Savar, Dhaka. You wish him to join with you to enjoy the picnic together. Now,

Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to join the picnic you are going to arrange (Spot: Rangamati)


Suggested answer:

25/ka, Tipu Sultan Road
03, January, 2016

My Dear Redwan,

Winter vacation is going on and our college is closed. So, it is a great scope to have a picnic. Besides, it is a pick season of arranging a picnic. So Redwan, let us enjoy a picnic together.

We, some of the friends, have already decided to go on a picnic at Rangamati next Thursday. My elder brother will guide our group. I know you are very interested to visit Rangamati which is a place with excellent natural beauty. Who don’t know that Rangamati is the best beauty ground of nature. It is a charming natural tourist spot with hilly town, many streams, waterfall, the famous Kaptai Lake, Hanging Bridge, varied and colorful lifestyle of the tribal people and what not. So, I cordially invite you to join with us. I am sure you cannot miss it. It’s a three-day tour and we have to contribute Tk. 1500.00 per head. So proper preparation is essential.

By the by, don’t forget to bring your camera with you. Our picnic bus will start from our college gate.

Looking forward to your arrival.

Yours ever

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