Letter to friend inviting to attend birthday party

Write a letter to your friend inviting him to attend your birthday party


Suggested answer:

28, B.B. Road,
21 August, 2014

My dear Mithun,

Probably you haven’t forgotten the date of my birthday. Yes, this is 31 August and is near at hand. I am gladly informing you that this year my family is going to celebrate my birthday at our residence. Some days ago, my maternal uncle returned from abroad. So, this occasion is certainly going to be more festive this year.

We’ve planned to arrange a feast. There will also be an arrangement of music and other cultural activities. I can’t think of spending the day except you. So, I earnestly and hopefully invite you to the occasion. I also expect that you will come before the day and help me decorate our house tastefully.

It would be better if you bring your younger brother with you. And listen, as we know you sing so sweetly. You must sing in the function.

Render my salam to your parents. Waiting for your arrival.

Your loving friend

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