Letter to friend giving thanks for hospitality

Write a letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality at his house


Suggested answer:

42/A, Zawtola Bazar,
Dizel Colony,
Khulsi, Chittagong.
05 March,2014

Dear Riad,

I reached from your house yesterday after a three-day visit to different spots of Dhaka city. But I cannot forget the blissful memory of staying with your family.

The memory of visiting national museum and and zoo along with you, your younger brother and sister will remain fresh in my mind for a long time. I, especially remember of the hearty hospitality I got at your family. Auntie’s motherly affection and uncle’s affectionate words are never forgettable. The experience of living with the family of a friend like you will remain stored as a valuable asset in my mind. I’m thankful and grateful to all of you for your cordial hospitality.

Hearing of your family, my parents are also very pleased. they wish that you along with auntie and uncle come to visit our house some day.

With wishes of your happy and beautiful life.

Lovingly yours

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